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Being feminine is an advantage a woman should use to get what she wants.

Definitely not what I expected and definitely worth the effort. I registered because I thought it would be a good way to make some quick one-time cash. Turned out to be much more than that and my monthly income keeps increasing every month

Kira O. - 22yo
earned $2,960 in sponsorships to train
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making $4K+ monthly after just 2 months

The excellent training your course offered has elevated my career to new levels and significantly energized my relationship with my husband. Neither of us was aware of what was lacking until I went through the assignments. I highly recommend your course

Julie W. - 37yo
earned $1,625 in sponsorships to train
received a promotion at work with $16K increase in salary

I was a tomboy all my teen years so this was a very life changing experience for me. The assignments you make us do gave me the courage to take that step I need and now I don't even look back

Aniyah L. - 19yo
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Why would I train to be feminine?

Because it's fun, and because what you learn will give you so many benefits. You will get a higher income, more attention, a better job, and so much more.

What do I learn?

Many people assume that this website teaches about makeup and clothes. Being feminine is not about wearing pink. It is about attitude, confidence and power. Our training will show you why being a woman is such an advantage, and how to benefit from that. You will learn how to make you life so much easier and prosperous just by being a woman.

What does the training involve?

The training is done through a series of 21 assignments. Each assignments comes with a guide to follow and will help you learn and develop a useful skill.

How long does it last and how much time does it require?

The full training is 6 weeks. The first 2 weeks are on the first assignment, and then you get 5 assignments per week for weeks 3 through 6. Expect to spend between 10 and 20 hours a week on your assignments.

How much does it cost?

You never pay anything and we don't require a credit card number from you. Your first assignment (for the first 2 weeks) shows you basic skills on how to get others to help pay for your expenses. These skills are developed more later in the course. For the first 2 weeks, follow our guide on getting admirers to sponsor you and cover the cost of your training and expenses. The cost of the training course is $379, and many trainees earn $2,000 in sponsorships. Anything above the cost of the course you keep to cover your living expenses while you train.

Who would my sponsors be?

The people who sponsor you could be people you know, or they could be other members you connect with on the site.

Why would strangers want to sponsor me and give me money?

Some people sponsor out of good will, while others sponsor for rewards. Are part of your assignment, we show you how to offer rewards to encourage people to sponsor you.

How do I get my sponsorship money?

You receive sponsorship money while you are working on your first assignment during the first 2 weeks of training. Starting the third week, we send you your money in 4 installments, one installment at the beginning of each week. We will send you the money either through PayPal, eTransfer (for Canadian members), or check. It is your choice.

Are there restrictions on what I can use the money for?

No. The money you receive is sent to you by sponsors to cover your expenses while you train. You can use it for whatever you want.

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