Become a Model

Use your image to make money

Boost your reputation and represent companies

Be a representative for various brands

Have the confidence to be successful

Enjoy the advantages of being feminine

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Why Train With Modelette

You don't pay. Instead, we help you make money while training

We focus on femininity instead of beauty

We teach you to market yourself instead of being dependent on an agency

We give you practical assignments that teach you the attitude and knowledge you need to represent any company

We monitor your progress, review every assignment daily and push you to do better

We have a great track record. Our stats for January 2015:
96 women registered
92 models graduated*

*To graduate, a model must complete all 21 assignments and succesfully earn over $750

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What You Will Learn

How to be feminine and use it to your advantage

How to get people to pay you

How to represent companies effectively

How to create an interesting brand image for yourself

How to improve your reputation and become popular

Learn all this and more in 6 weeks

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Get Started

You have 21 practical assignments to complete. Each assignment comes with a step-by-step guide and will help you acquire new skills you need as a successful model

Take the course online and complete the assignments on your own time and schedule. It will take 6 weeks if you work on the assignments daily

Your first assignment is a 2-week quick overview that shows you how valuable your image can be, and guides you into earning at least $750 in 2 weeks from your image alone

Your last assignment is to sign a contract with a company looking for a model to represent it

Start a successful career as a model in just 6 weeks

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Learn the advanced skills and inside information you need to be successful as a model

Being a model is not just about having the right body and posing for pictures. It is about marketing yourself as a confident woman.

I've always been interested in being a model like so many other girls. But I almost gave up after all the crap I came across over the years and people trying to take advantage of me. When I registered at Modelette it was like OK, this is the last thing I'm gonna try. It was such an amazing experience. It took me 7 weeks to finish the course, and I learned so much and it was totally not what I was expecting. I was thinking it was going to be about what to wear and auditions, but it was totally different. I'm so glad I took it because it changed the way I think of modeling and it's now working for me big time

Cara - 24 yo
earned $3,025 in sponsorships to train
accepted a generous contract through her final assignment

I took this course because my best friend registered for it and I wanted to encourage her. It's amazing how your techniques work and how the assignments really get you excited and guide you through learning what to do. By the time we finished we both had lots of connection and lots of money still from the fund we raised at the beginning. She plans on continuing as a model because it was her dream really and now I'm considering it too. Thanks!

Kimberlee - 21 earned $2,630 in sponsorships to train

I was a tomboy all my teen years so this was a very life changing experience for me. The assignments you make us do gave me the courage to take that step I need and now I don't even look back

Aniyah L. - 19yo
earned $3,580 in sponsorships to train
has received contracts to be a spokesperson for several beauty stores


Who can take this course?

This course is offered to women only

Are there classes I have to attend?

No. We give you all the information, guides, and assignments you need online, and you work on your own schedule and pace to complete the assignments

How long do assignments take to complete?

The first assignment is 2 weeks long. All other assignments require between 3-6 hours of work each

How long is the course for?

The course is typically 6 weeks long as long as you work on it and complete 5 assignments per week. If you do not do your assignments daily, it will take longer

Is there material to study?

You by working on practical assignments. There is nothing to study or memorize, and there are no exams. You simply have assignments to work on. Each assignment is prepared to teach you something new and help you gain the experience in a practical way that you can use later on without forgetting. Each assignment comes with a guide that will explain clearly what you will do and will guide you step by step in doing it.

What do I learn?

Here is a breakdown of the assignments:

1 & 2 1 Overview. Understand how valuable your image is and follow the guide to earn at least $750
3 2 - 6 Marketing. Learn how marketing products and services is successful using a representative
4 7 - 11 Image and Branding. Create a positive image of yourself that meets your ambitions and interests people
5 12 - 16 Reputation. Build a popular reputation and a strong fan base
6 17 - 21 Modeling Projects. Learn how to get paying assignments and contracts

How much does it cost?

It's 100% free for you! You never pay anything. You will earn money from your assignments, and the cost of the course ($379) will be deducted from that to cover our expenses

How do I get the money I earn through assignments?

Starting the third week, we send you your money in 4 installments, one installment at the beginning of each week. We will send you the money either through PayPal, eTransfer (for Canadian members), or check. It is your choice.

Are there restrictions on what I can use the money for?

No. The money you receive is sent to you by sponsors to cover your expenses while you train. You can use it for whatever you want.

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